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Cavs Stomp Celtics In Game 1, LaVar Ball Wants $3Bill, Gisele Talks Brady Concussions


A well-rested Cleveland Cavaliers stomped the Boston Celtics on the road in game one of the Eastern Conference finals. LeBron James added 38 points and looked unstoppable, while Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson had career high postseason 32 points, 12 rebounds and 20 points, nine rebounds respectively. Cavs 117, Celtics 104.

The highly controversial LaVar Ball is now saying he wants $3 Billion for his shoe company, Big Baller Brand.  Fox reporter Kristine Leahy, who’s already had a run in with LaVar, mentioned he would need to market to women if he wants his company to be successful. LaVar dismissed the idea then later verbally attacked Leahy and said, “I never disrespect women, but I tell you what, if you act like that, something’s coming to you and it’s OK.” LaVar also told Fox’s Colin Cowherd, he wants his son Lonzo to play for the Lakers (who have the #2 pick in the draft).


In an interview with Charlie Rose, Gisele Bundchen mentioned hubby Tom Brady had a concussion last year he never reported to the team. In fact, Gisele not only said he had a concussion, but had concussions (plural) over the years. Brady hasn’t missed playing a game since 2008, so the report he’s had a head injury (injuries) is something the NFL and NFL Players Association will look into.

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