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Ginobili Blocks Harden For Spurs Win In OT, Oher Uber Assault, Matt Harvey’s Apology


The San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili had the play of the game when he blocked the Houston Rockets’ James Harden’s shot in overtime. Harden is not used to getting blocked in general, and this was the first time for Ginobili had ever done it. The Spurs now lead the Western Conference semi-final 3 games to 2. Game 6 is on Thursday 8:00 pm. Spurs 110, Rockets 107.


Michael Oher, the inspiration for the movie “Blindside” and currently a Carolina Panther, turned himself in for allegedly assaulting an Uber driver. According the driver, Oher was upset with him for taking a different route to a restaurant and pushed him to the ground.


The NY Mets Matt Harvey apologized to the Mets organization, the fans, and his teammates for missing Saturday’s game. Harvey admitted he stayed out too late Friday night, then golfed Saturday morning which led him to miss Saturday’s game. He was also rumored to be upset after his breakup with Victoria Secrets Super Model Adriana Lima and was drowning his sorrows Friday night. Harvey wasn’t scheduled to pitch on Saturday, but he was still expected to be at the Ballpark supporting his team.

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