LeBron Opts Out Of Contract, Baseball Home Run Derby Changes


LeBron JamesIn the NBA, the lead story of the weekend was LeBron James opting out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  But, hold on, don’t panic, this doesn’t mean what you might think.  This was actually expected by the Cavs, as opting out gives LeBron a chance to make a lot more money in the long-run.  While LeBron is technically a free agent now, he is not expected to visit other teams this off-season, as that would severely hurt his reputation and the story he’s selling of “coming home” to help Cleveland to win a championship.  LeBron is just waiting a bit to see what Cleveland does in free agency, and that will help him determine the type of long-term contract he may chase after.

Elsewhere in the NBA, even though the Los Angeles Lakers are excited about their new draft pick, D’Angelo Russell, Lakers brass have reported that they would still consider trading him for the Kings’ superstar center DeMarcus Cousins.  Of course it would have to be the right deal, but bringing that kind of immediate star power to LA is something they probably couldn’t refuse.


The baseball all-star game is around the corner and there have been significant changes in the format of the home run derby.  This year it will be an eight player tournament bracket single elimination tournament.  Gone is the American Leauge vs. National League element.  The players will be seeded by how many home runs they have by the all-star break, and this year, instead of “outs” (meaning swings that did not result in home runs), they will be on a 5-minute time clock.  And, in the last minute, the clock will stop after each homer, meaning that there is still a possibility for unlimited home runs.  Should be a nice little twist that will be more fun for the fans.

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