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Stanley Cup Finals-Lightening Vs Blackhawks, Kevin Love Staying In Cleveland


This weekend all eyes were on the hockey world, as we were treated to TWO Game 7s with Stanley Cup Finals on the line.   First up, it was the Tampa Bay Lighting heading to New York to take on the Rangers.   The Lightning brought all they had and upset the Rangers on their home turf.  Tampa Bay fans haven’t had this much to cheer about in a long time so they are ecstatic that they get to see their ‘Ning (the Team nickname) in the Finals.  Tampa Bay 2, NY Rangers 0.

The Mighty DucksThen, it was the surging Anaheim Ducks against the Chicago Blackhawks.  The Ducks may be the hot surprise team now, but it’s hard to count out a highly experienced Blackhawks team that has 2 Stanley Cup Championships in the past 4 years.  The Hawks were just way too much for the Ducks, and despite a Ducks’ comeback, the Hawks were simply… more mighty (no pun intended from the Ducks’ original team name ‘The Mighty Ducks’ — yes, after the Disney film.)   We now have an exciting Stanley Cup Finals between the Blackhawks (Goliath) and the underdog Lightning (David).   Chicago 5, Anaheim 3.


In the NBA, even though the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love won’t be playing in this year’s Finals, the talk shows are still discussing his future.  Many think he is going to leave Cleveland and head to Los Angeles (where he went to college).  Kevin Love, however,  says that things are progressing well with his shoulder recovery, and he plans to be playing opening night of the 2015-2016 season wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey.

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