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Warriors/Cavs NBA Finals Highest Rating Since Michael Jordan in 1998, Denver Nuggets Draft News, Manziel Retiring Cash Celebration


Michael JordanThe Golden State Warriors beating the Cleveland Cavaliers to become world champions, generated the highest TV ratings for a Finals since 1998, when Michael Jordan won his last championship.  This ratings boost is likely due to two factors:  People are extremely interested in LeBron and Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors have seemingly picked up a huge bandwagon following as their hit-a-3-from-anywhere basketball is so fun to watch.  The NBA should be thrilled as there is a good chance that both Golden State and a healthier, more powerful Cleveland Cavs could be back in the finals next year.

The end of the playoffs signals another exciting event:  The NBA Draft on June 25th.  In some pre-draft trade news, the Denver Nuggets are in rebuilding mode, and have grown tired of the off-the-field antics of their speedy point guard Ty Lawson.  According to reports, the Nuggets are trying to trade Lawson to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for the #6 pick.  They really want to acquire some new, young talent.  Expect a lot of trades come draft night.  As of now, the Minnesota Timberwolves have the #1 pick, the Los Angeles Lakers the #2 pick, the Philadelphia 76ers at #3, the New York Knicks at #4 and the Orlando Magic at #5.


Johnny ManzielIn the NFL, Cleveland’s Johnny Manziel is trying to turn a new leaf and make a career for himself in the league.  Last year, Manziel had a substance abuse problem which required rehab. Now, in his first effort to show he has changed, Manziel publicly told the media yesterday that he would be retiring his “Cash Money” celebration.  When he was drafted, Manziel rubbed his thumb with his index and middle finger on both hands insinuating that he was making a lot of money. As he reflected back, he realized that he was immature and is now ready to be a professional. He seems to be doing all the right things but we’ll see how the season develops for him.

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