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Warriors Win Game 1 In OT, Hack A Shaq Ok, Iverson Drunk During “Practice” Speech


In the NBA, it was Game one of the Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.  There were two storylines going into this season.  For the Cavs, it was whether or not LeBron would get his 3rd title, and bring Cleveland their first championship since NFL QB Jim Brown won for the Browns in the 60’s.  A win would make his “coming home” story complete.  For the Warriors, it was whether this dream season for Steph Curry and these young guys would have a cherry on top.

Steph Curry, Klay ThompsonThe fans got what we wanted — great basketball all around, with two incredible players (LeBron and Curry) delivering fantastic performances.  The Cavs started hot, jumping out to a 13-point lead, while the Warriors couldn’t buy a bucket.  But, of course, Golden State turned it around.  The Cavs actually had a chance to win the game in the final seconds, but LeBron and Shumpert missed, sending the game into OT.  And that’s when the Warriors took over.  They made almost all their shots and looked incredible.  LeBron didn’t score, and Twitter exploded (i.e. “Would Michael Jordan have gone scoreless in a Finals overtime.”)  LeBron did have 44 points in the game,  but it just wasn’t enough.  Even worse, Kyrie Irving left injured in the game’s closing minutes, and if he has to sit at any point in the series, it will be very tough for the Cavs to win.  Golden State 108, Cleveland 100.

Adam SilverElsewhere in the NBA, commissioner, Adam Silver, said he doesn’t think the league will outlaw “Hack-A-Shaq”.  Hack-A-Shaq refers to players intentionally and repeatedly fouling a big man because they know he will likely miss his free throws and give the opposing team the ball back.  All in all, it’s pretty boring to watch.   Silver, however,  said that 90% of the complaints of Hack-A-Shaq  centered around the Rockets (Dwight Howard) and the Clippers (DeAndre Jordan).  Plus, Silver said that outlawing this could result in young players having a disincentive to practice their free throws.

Finally, in the NBA, a new book about former Philadelphia 76er Allen Iverson reveals that during his famous “We Talkin’ About Practice, Not A Game” Speech, Iverson was drunk.  It is a strange press conference as Iverson says that phrase over and over.  So really… this makes sense.  If you want to read more, check out the book “Not A Game” about Allen Iverson.

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