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Cavs Win Game 3, Sherman Responds To Cromartie’s Criticism, Yankees Find Groove


LeBron JamesIn the NBA, it was Game 3 of the Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Every game has been incredibly exciting, and this one was no exception. The Warriors were not shooting the ball well in game 2 though and unfortunately they continued to struggle during the first half of game 3.  In the 3rd quarter, LeBron and company pulled out to an incredible 20 point lead. At that point,  Stephen Curry said “That’s enough”, and went on a tear hitting pretty much any shot he wanted.  Unfortunately for the Warriors, it was just a little too late. Lebron was able to execute in the final minutes to help the Cavs hold on for the victory.  The Cavs now lead the series 2-1, with tough game coming on Thursday night back in Cleveland.  Cleveland 96, Golden State 91.


Richard ShermanIn a story talked about last week, Jets ‘Pro Bowl cornerback Antonio Cromartie criticized Seahawks’ star cornerback Richard Sherman.  He said that Sherman never covers the best guy on the field and never switches sides of the field.  Not surprisingly, Sherman had some words to say to Cromartie.  First he said that Cromartie never would have made the Pro Bowl without him.  The reasoning is that since the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl, Sherman couldn’t go to the Pro Bowl, opening up a spot for Cromartie.  Then he said that the Seahawks defense is the best in the NFL, and it wouldn’t make sense to break that system by pointlessly switching sides.


Don’t look now, but the New York Yankees are really heating up.  They have been relatively dormant these past few seasons, but on Tuesday, their star pitcher Masahiro Tanaka shined over another star pitcher, Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals, to give the Yanks their 7th win in a row.  It’s too early to get excited, but the Yankees are certainly finding their groove.  NY Yankees 6, Washington 1.

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