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Dwayne Wade Opts Out Of Heat Contract, Bo Ryan To Retire, Oscar De La Hoya Box No More


Dwayne WadeIn the NBA, long time Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade is opting out of his contract.  The Heat could still have him back, but Wade is likely hoping to get a big contract and play for a contender (even thought the Heat are still actually a pretty good team).  Team president Pat Riley is going to try to bring him back, but Wade is 33 years old and injury prone.  It may be time to let him go.  A lot of people are speculating that Wade may join LeBron in Cleveland to help him snag a ring for the city. After all,  LeBron helped Wade in Miami.
And in college basketball, the Wisconsin basketball program has been a force under head coach Bo Ryan the past few seasons. On Monday, Ryan said that he will coach one more season and then retire.  Badger fans are disappointed as Wisconsin looked poised to be highly ranked for the foreseeable future, but Ryan has done such a great job for their recruiting reputation that Badgers fans will still likely have a lot to cheer about.


Oscar De La HoyaOscar De La Hoya, the champ and celebrity before Money Mayweather become the most talked about name in the sport, has been pondering a comeback for some time now.  He even tweeted out last month that he was 50-50 on his decision to step back into the ring.  But on Monday, De La Hoya made it official that his boxing days were behind him.  He praised many of the current fighters and said that he enjoys watching them carry on the greatness of the sport he will always love.  One has to assume De La Hoya’s thoughts of a comeback may have been at least partly fueled by money, seeing that Floyd Mayweather made $100 million in just one night.  De La Hoya probably wanted/needed a pay day.

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