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Peterson Reports To Vikings’ Camp, Cromartie Says Sherman Not Great, Gronkowski’s On Family Feud


Adrian PetersonAdrian Peterson has stirred up some drama this off-season.  There were claims that he said he wanted to be traded, that he never wanted to play for the Vikings again.  There may have been some shred of truth to these rumors, but the fact remained that if Peterson didn’t report to camp, he would sacrifice close to $13 million.  So it was no big surprise that Peterson reported to the Vikings’ facilities on Tuesday, and said that “It felt good to be back in the building”.  Surprise. Surprise.
Elsewhere in the NFL, Antonio Cromartie, cornerback for the New York Jets, has decided to stir the pot with the Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman.  Sherman publicly calls himself the best cornerback in the NFL.  Cromartie has said that he’s not among the best, but his success is merely a part of the Seahawks’ system.  Cromartie said he would like to see him achieve greatness without two all-pro safeties behind him (Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas).  He also said Sherman is more of a zone player and doesn’t follow his receiver all game like the “greats” do.

Family FeudFinally, in the NFL, if you haven’t seen enough of Rob Gronkowski this off-season — all the videos of him partying, at the Kentucky Derby, NASCAR events, and basically every other pop culture shin dig, you get to see more of him on TV soon.  His whole family, The Gronkowskis, will be appearing on Family Fued.  The family is pretty boisterous so should be a fun show to watch.

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