Tiger Woods Dreadful First Day At US Open, Rumors Of David Blatt’s Firing, Dez Bryant Contract Dispute


Tiger WoodsThe U.S. Open , probably the biggest major tournament outside of the masters, is happening now and one of the biggest story lines, as usual, is whether or not Tiger Woods will resume his greatness on the course. Tiger’s woes are continuing, however, as he shot a dreadful 80 in his first day out, which puts him at 10 over par and tied for 152nd place. It’s possible he could turn his game around in round 2 but he’ll have a really tough time doing so.



In the NBA, there has been talk of the Cleveland Cavaliers firing coach David Blatt.  There has been talk he and LeBron didn’t get along, or, at least that LeBron didn’t respect him.  On Thursday, Blatt publicly told the media that he would be back with the Team next year. His contract isn’t guaranteed yet, but he did play a part in turning the Team’s season around and getting them to the Finals. More to come on this story…..



In the NFL, Cowboys star receiver, Dez Bryant, threatened he will sit out Game 1 if he doesn’t get the contract he wants.  By sitting out, Bryant would be sacrificing a good chunk of money, but he really wants a long term deal.  Bryant did show up to camp on Thursday and has refused to work out.  Some may say it’s immature for him to act this way and others may say he’s just trying to get an appropriate compensation for his efforts on the field.

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