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Warriors Win At Wire, NBA First Team Announced, Bumgarner Hits HR Off Kershaw


Steph CurryIn the NBA, it was Game 2 between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets.  Dwight Howard was a game time decision, and it turned out that he WOULD play.   Howard actually had a fantastic game.  This game, however,  was a battle of the MVP, Step Curry, and the MVP runner up, James Harden.  As they were trading baskets, there were at least 10 ‘Oh-My!’ highlights.  The game actually came down to the wire, with the Rockets having a chance to win on the last possession. A stellar defensive effort by the Warriors caused Harden to turn it over, and the Warriors snag a 2-0 lead.  Golden State 99, Houston 98.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the “NBA First Team” was announced.  The “First Team” is a make up of the ideal best starting line-up this year. It consisted of Stephen Curry and James Harden in the backcourt, LeBron James at small forward, Anthony Davis at power forward, and Marc Gasol at center.  It would be fun to see this team play!


Madison BumgarnerAnd in some crazy baseball news, the top two pitchers in the League are arguably the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw and the Giants’ Madison Bumgarner.  You typically see pitching duels between these players, but it’s rare that one of them hits a homerun off the other, but that’s exactly what happened on Thursday. Bumgarner smashed one off of Kershaw.  Bumgarner likely studied Kershaw’s  pitching style and knew exactly what was coming, but pitchers are typically not the best hitters, so this was quite rare. Even more rare was that it was a homer off of Kershaw.   Now Bumgarner has extreme bragging rights over Kershaw.   San Francisco 4, LA Dodgers 0.

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