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Lebron Brings His Game For Win Over Bulls, Rockets Grab Win Over Clips, Brady Knew About Deflategate


Lebron JamesIn the NBA, LeBron and the Cavs were hoping to even the series with the Bulls before it headed back to Chicago.  This was the type of game where LeBron James had to take over.  He couldn’t take the risk of the Cavs being down 0-2, and so he put up an amazing, LeBron-esque 33 point game.  He even put his headband back on after saying that it had been retired.  The Cavs started strong, stayed strong, and never looked back.  If the Cavs want to get to the Finals, LeBron is going to have to start running the show.  Cleveland 106, Chicago 91.

Then, it was Game 2 of the Clippers and Rockets series.  The Clippers stole a win in Game 1 with Chris Paul out, but Chris Paul was out again in Game 2, and the Rockets tried to take advantage.  Actually, Jamal Crawford has stepped up so well in Paul’s absence that the Clippers were able to hang with the Rockets until late in the 4th quarter. But then, James Harden and the Rockets pulled away and grabbed the Game 2 win to even the series heading back to Los Angeles.  Houston 115, LA Clippers 109.


Tom BradyAnd in the NFL, believe it or not there is more drama on Deflategate.  Now it’s being reported that Tom Brady “knew” about the plan.  Sure, it doesn’t go much beyond that, but it’s amazing the League is still looking into the Patriots possibly cheating in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts.  There is still no concrete evidence that the Pats did something malicious, but this seems to be the most pressing thing on the NFL’s mind.

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