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Clippers Win Over Flat Rockets, Bulls Surging Ahead Of Cavs, Steph Curry Wins MVP


Blake GriffinIn the NBA, the Los Angeles Clippers may have knocked off the defending champions, the San Antonio Spurs, in miraculous fashion, but now they are without their star, Chris Paul,  as he’s nursing a nagging knee injury he aggravated in Game 7 against the Spurs.  Fortunately for the Clippers, Blake Griffin came out strong and even recorded another triple double for two in a row against the Houston Rockets.  The Rockets looked flat and will need to make some key adjustments if they want to compete with the Clips.  LA Clippers 117, Houston 101.

And in Cleveland, the Cavs faced a difficult test against a now surging Chicago Bulls team.  Plus, the Cavs were short-handed without Kevin Love and J.R. Smith. On Monday night, they looked deflated against the Bulls.  The Bulls have finally found their mojo this post-season, and a healthy Derrick Rose has only been a huge boon.  The Bulls pulled out the win and after the game, LeBron said that the Cavs simply can’t play like that in Game 2.  Chicago 99, Cleveland 92.

Stephen CurryAnd finally, after waiting for what seemed an eternity, we now know this year’s NBA MVP.  The race was essentially between three players (and not Lebron James as he was injured for much of the season). Russell Westbrook for the OKC Thunder, James Harden for the Houston Rockets, and Stephen Curry for the Golden State Warriors.  When the votes came in, it wasn’t even close.  Steph Curry was chosen MVP in a landslide.  The Warriors success this season is largely due to the magic Curry produced on the court.  They look like the clear favorites to win the title, and without him, that simply wouldn’t be possible.  Great pick by the voting committee!

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