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Mayweather’s Chess-like Moves Wins Fight Of Century, American Pharoah Wins Derby, Clippers Stun Spurs


Mayweather/PacquiaoThe main sporting event of the weekend, if not the century:  Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao.  These were the titans of the boxing scene the past 12 years, and finally, FINALLY, we got to see who would win.  This fight was previously something of myth, as nobody ever thought they would get in the ring.  Everyone thought that Mayweather didn’t want to fight Pacquiao because he would lose.  Then, the two realized just how much money they could make and got in the ring together.  The numbers are not definite, but they both made well over $100 million in just one night.

Manny came out fast and furious, flailing punches, and getting Floyd in the corner, but Floyd is such a calculated, chess-game fighter, that this was exactly what he wanted.  He knows how to bait his opponents, and then strategically dodges their punches, and catches them with nasty jabs to the face.  It’s hard to see because the action is so fast, but a lot of damage is being done in there.  As the fight went on, Floyd continued this defensive technique, and kept winning rounds.  Pacquiao simply couldn’t hit him, and at the end, the judges unanimously agreed that Mayweather won.  This makes him an incredible 48-0.

As for what’s next for both fighters, Manny Pacquiao will likely retire and pursue a political career, while Floyd has publicly stated that he intends to honor his contract with Showtime and fight one last fight in September.  It’s uncertain who he will fight, but if he wins that, he will retire a perfect 49-0.  There is no clear competitor out there that could beat him.  He’s just so difficult to hit.

Horse Racing

American PharoahIn the Kentucky Derby, good and bad news for all bettors, as the favorite American Pharaoh took home the trophy.  Good news if you like to bet on the low-paying favorite, but bad news if you were one of the millions of bettors around the world that likes playing a long shot of any type.  American Pharaoh now will look to win The Preakness in a two weeks.


The Los Angeles Clippers and the San Antonio Spurs were in a first round battle that felt like the NBA Finals.  The series was tied at 3-3 headed into Saturday, and Game 7 was anybody’s game.  It was hard to imagine, however,  the Spurs losing such an important game, especially against a Clippers team that had a reputation of failing in clutch situations.  But… not Saturday night.  With the game tied with just 10 seconds left, Chris Paul took an amazing off-balance shot that banked off the back board and went in.  He gave the Clippers the win, and now the Clippers advance to take on the high-scoring Houston Rockets in Round 2.  LA Clippers 111, San Antonio 109.

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