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Wall Fractures In Wrist, Mayweather Calls Pacquiao Coward, Blackhawks On Way To Championship Again


John WallIn the NBA, the Washington Wizards were dealt some bad news.  They have been playing great this post-season, but they just found out that their superstar point guard John Wall has multiple fractures in his wrist.  If he is forced to sit out the remainder of the season, their hopes of reaching the finals or even beating the Atlanta Hawks are moot.


On Wednesday, Floyd Mayweather said he would be willing to give Manny Pacquiao a rematch.  A day later, Mayweather said he had changed his mind. Mayweather called Pacquiao a “coward” for saying that the reason he lost the fight was because he needed shoulder surgery.  Mayweather said that Pacquiao should have just come out and said Mayweather is the better fighter.  So now it doesn’t look like we will be getting a rematch, and Mayweather will be fighting what could be his final fight (not against Pacquiao) in September.


In the NHL, it looks like the Chicago Blackhawks are making a run, and might be on their way to another Stanley Cup Championship.  Thursday night, they held off a Minnesota Wild team for the win to sweep their series.  If they win again, some might consider them a dynasty.  But, they have a few more hurdles to jump.  Chicago 4, Minnesota 3.

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