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Last Second Hawks Win, Warriors Dominate, Rangers Win In Overtime And Head On


In the NBA, the Washington Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks were tied at 2 in a pivotal Game 5.  The good news for the Wizards was that they had their superstar John Wall back in the line-up.  Having him play was paramount to their success as he demonstrated by helping them build a 7-point lead in the 4th quarter. The Wizards, unfortunately, have a knack of giving up leads, and they did it again Wednesday night.  The Hawks came back, and looked like they were going to win the game, but a late 3-point shot from Paul Pierce gave the Wizards a 1-point lead.  The Hawks had one last chance.  Dennis Schroeder’s layup was blocked, but then Al Horford got the rebound and put in the winning basket at the last second for the Hawks’ win. Now we’re headed to Washington for a Game 6.  Atlanta 82, Washington 81.

Then, in Golden State, the Warriors and the Grizzlies were also tied at 2, but it is very tough to win in Golden State, specially against a Warriors team that can easily put up 15 points in just a minute or two.  No lead is safe, except for on Wednesday night when the Warriors gained control early, and never let off the gas.  The Grizzlies simply couldn’t get anything going, and will have to do some real soul searching to figure out how they are going to beat a tenacious Warriors team.  Golden State 98, Memphis 78.


NY RangersIn the NHL, the Washington Capitals led their series 3-1  against the New York Rangers.  The Rangers never gave up, and evened the series at 3-3.   Capitals’ star Alex Ovechkin went to the media and guaranteed a Game 7 victory. That’s pretty gutsy.  Unfortunately for the Caps, his prediction was inaccurate, as the Rangers won the game in overtime.  New York will now face off against the Tampa Bay Lightening in the Eastern Conference Final. New York 2, Washington 1.

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