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Steph Curry Frightening Fall, Cavs Up 3-0, Warriors Up 3-1, Josh Hamilton’s Return


In the NBA, typically the Conference Finals match-ups are hard fought battles, and sometimes even more exciting than the NBA Finals.  But this year, it looks like there are two clear heavy weights:  The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs took a commanding 3-0 lead over the Atlanta Hawks and the Warriors maintained a 3-1 lead over the Houston Rockets.  It looks like we could see a showdown between the two best players in the league, LeBron James, and this year’s MVP, Stephen Curry.  It’s not over yet, of course, and anything can happen (see below), but the Finals that many predicted could be coming true.

Steph CurrySteph Curry took a frightening fall in the second quarter of Monday night’s game against the Rockets. Be warned, it’s a scary sight. After what seemed like hours face down on the ground, Curry got up and headed to the locker room. At that point, no one knew if he’d be back for the remainder of the game, let alone the series. The doctors administered extensive concussion tests and deemed the injury a head contusion not concussion and allowed him to finish the game. Unfortunately he didn’t get his groove back in time to prevent the Warriors loss. Thankfully, though, he seems fine and will play the rest of the series. Rockets 128, Warriors 115.


Josh Hamilton’s relapse into drugs and alcohol was well documented.  The Los Angeles Angels dragged his name through the mud and then traded him away to the Texas Rangers.  This weekend, he made his return to the field, and hoped to get back into his all-star form.  He looked quite rusty out there, unfortunately,striking out a couple of times.  The Rangers shouldn’t give up hope in Hamilton, who was once one of the best hitters in the league, but it was a rough start.  The Rangers want to give this guy every chance he needs, as they are behind his recovery and believe in him.

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