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In the NFL, it was an insane game on Monday Night Football between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.  Both teams were 1-1 coming into the game, and both were looking for the positive feeling of having a winning record.  This game was rife with controversy, as the replacement officials were making bad calls left and right.  But for the most part it was a defensive stand on both sides.  Then, in the second quarter, Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson heaved a beautiful 41 yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate.  Seattle up 7-0.  After the half, the Packers turned into the Packers again and took a 12-7 lead.  The Seahawks would have one last chance to win the game late in the 4th quarter, and here’s where the controversy really kicks in.

Seattle had the ball on 4th down with just seconds to go.  It was an all or nothing desperation play from the 24 yard line.  Russell Wison scrambled, looked around, gave his receivers time to separate, and threw a prayer to the left corner of the end zone.  In the fray was Golden Tate among 5 Green Bay Packer defenders.  Tate pushed one of them down, jumped up and… kind of made the catch.  In fact he and Green Bay’s MD Jennings both had their hands on the ball as they crashed to the ground.  And on the ground, it looked like Tate was holding onto both Jennings and the ball, which made it seem like he had the catch.  The replacement officials came over and one signaled NO CATCH, while the other signaled TOUCHDOWN.  That image alone is enough to suggest that it’s certainly time to bring the regular officials back.  In the end, after the review, the play was called a touchdown and Seattle got their miracle.  However, many TV critics say that there’s no way that was a catch.  It will certainly be one of the most controversial plays of the season — if not ever.  Seattle 14, Green Bay 12.
Elsewhere in the NFL, the Jets plan to have a good season this year, and much of that success is reliant upon their defense.  Their best defensive player is easily cornerback Darrelle Revis.  Revis went down with an injury in Sunday’s game against the Dolphins. The Jets coaching staff didn’t know the severity of the injury… until yesterday.  It turns out that Revis tore his ACL, and that pretty much means he’ll be out for the season.  That is a huge blow to the Jets, and they will need their other defenders to really step up.  And since their defense will surely be more porous, they’ll need even more points from Mark Sanchez and their offense.  Given their recent efforts, it’s unlikely that will happen.  Good luck to the Jets without Revis.
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