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In the NFL, it was Thursday Night Football between the New York Giants and the Carolina Panthers.  New York was looking to get back on track and continue defending their Super Bowl championship, whereas the Panthers were coming off a win against the Saints and looking to prove they are a team on the rise.  After all, they are captained by Superman himself:  Cam Newton.  Except Superman had quite a rough night out there.  In fact, it was turnover city for Superman.  Cam Newton threw three interceptions, and the team had two fumbles on special teams by former Arkansas go to man, Joe Adams.  Adams clearly had an off night, and the Giants converted both his fumbles into points.  The Giants had a lot of injuries too, but their young receivers and back-up running back Andre Brown stepped in at high throttle scoring two touchdowns and rushing for 113 yards.  The Giants showed they are definitely the Super Bowl defending champs and are a team to be reckoned with.  NY Giants 36, Carolina 7.

And over in Tennessee, Chris Johnson has been struggling this season.  He is nowhere near the fantasy running back force he used to be.  He has been under extreme criticism for giving the Titans absolutely no rushing game.  Chris Johnson is the highest paid player on the team, so he’s getting all the criticism, but Thursday Johnson did point a few fingers.  He said that the offensive line isn’t showing him any holes, and when a running back doesn’t get holes, there’s not much they can do.  The Titans have been pretty lackluster so far this season, but they’re hoping to get back on track against the Lions this coming Sunday.  In fact, both these teams need to get back on track.


Texas Tech had pinned all of their hopes and future on new head coach Billie Gillispie.  Gillispie was the coach that turned around the Texas A & M program, then landed the job as the Kentucky head coach.  But recently, Gillispie has not only battled health issues, but also battled claims from players that he has been too tough on them — even mean.  One star player on Texas Tech said he wouldn’t come back if Gillispie was the head coach.  Now, it seems that a combination of his health issues combined with the criticism has lead to Gillispie resigning as head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders.  Someday he may coach again, but many hope he changes his coaching ways before running another group of young people.

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