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In the NFL, just one night after their Monday Night Football win against the Broncos, Atlanta Falcons running-back Michael Turner was arrested for a DUI (Look At This for more details).   If you’re making tons of money as an NFL running-back, the least you can do is get yourself a limo, or a designated driver after you click over here, or at the very least a cab.  Instead, Turner got arrested for speeding and driving under the influence.  Remember that Turner is becoming less and less a factor for the Falcons this season.  He’s 30 years old, and the Falcons rely on their passing game.  If Turner doesn’t turn his act around, he could become expendable at the end of the season. Click here, if you wish to know more about OUI charges

Elsewhere in the NFL, after last Thursday’s shellacking by the Green Bay Packers, Jay Cutler got so mad that he screamed at his left tackle and even bumped up against him as if he wanted to start a fight.  Players don’t take to that kind of behavior from their team captain and quarterback.  It’s disrespectful.  Yesterday Cutler said that he regretted ‘bumping’ up against the offensive tackle, but he doesn’t regret screaming at him to get his head in the game.  Cutler said that they’ve talked about it, and the event is in the past now.  Cutler wants to win out there and he expects the best from his players.  If  not for his offensive line, Cutler has no chance of being successful. The attorney to call after getting a DUI charge or any accident or injury case to provide legal expertise is a good idea.

And finally in the NFL, some sad news.  Steve Sabol died at the age of 69. Sabol was president of NFL Films.  He basically transformed the NFL from ‘just a game’ and gave it that film aesthetic that would cement it as a piece of important American culture.  NFL Films shot every game and presented it in a way that made all the players look heroic and gave us that slow-motion imagery that enables us to enjoy those classic football moments (e.g. Montana’s pass to Jerry Rice in the Super Bowl, David Tyree’s Helmet Catch, etc…).  ESPN runs specials with Sabol introducing us to various moments in football history, or even guiding us through last week’s games that now look like they were played 10 years ago because of the excellent visuals.  Well, yesterday, Sabol finally succumbed to his battle with cancer.  He was integral to making football the popular sport that it is today, and will be forever remembered by football fans everywhere.

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