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There is a still a fervent race in the AL East between the Orioles and Yankees. Both are vying to get that top spot, and the other may have to settle for a wild card.  And the Rays are also right on both of their tails.  Thursday, the Yankees visited the Orioles in Camden Yards with a 1-game lead in the division.  But a six home-run night for the Orioles helped launch the Orioles past the Yankees.  Plus, the Orioles have Mark Reynolds who seems to primarily hit his home-runs AGAINST the Yankees (because he strikes out a lot against other opponents). Reynolds had 2 home-runs on the night and they’ll need that power from him tonight and Saturday if they want to take a big lead over the Yanks in the AL East.  Baltimore 10, NY Yankees 6.


And in the NFL, some controversial news out of Pittsburgh.  Ben Roethlisberger has a track record of playing through a lot of pain.  He’s somewhat of a football warrior, and it takes a lot to keep him from playing a game.  But, Roethlisberger is expecting his first child, a life changing event, and Big Ben has said there’s no way he’s missing the event — even if that means missing a game.  Roethlisberger said he doesn’t care if that upsets fans, but he has to do what he has to do.  Now, most die-hard Steelers fans don’t want to hear that their beloved Steelers could be in jeopardy for any reason.  They will not take this lightly.  Then again, they have veteran Byron Leftwich (whose very familiar with the Steelers offense) to back Big Ben up.


And in the NBA, with the Grizzlies on the selling block, a number of new owners have peaked their heads.  After all, the Grizzlies are a very talented team on the rise in a market that loves their team.  New prospective owner Robert Pera has decided that he might want to ‘go in’ and buy the Grizzlies… with a partner; a famous partner.  The Knicks have Spike Lee, the Nets have Jay Z, the Lakers have all the celebrities, and now the Grizzlies might have Justin Timberlake.  Yep, Timberlake is a Memphian, and Pera would love his involvement in promoting the team on an even more national level.  Then again, Timberlake is a known Lakers fan.  Oh what will he do?

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