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The competition is still stiff in the AL East.  It’s between the Yankees, Orioles, and Rays.  And, as if designed for schedule convenience, they appear to keep playing each other.  The Yankees are 1 game ahead, but the Orioles simply won’t go away.  Nobody expects them to win this division, but they don’t exactly like listening to the public.  The Orioles took on the Rays last night and absolutely crushed them.  Baltimore picked up 2 home runs from J.J. Hardy in a blow out win.  Except they suffered an injury to their best pitcher, Jason Hammel.  The O’s will need Hammel if they make it to the post-season.  For now, though, since the Yankees lost to Boston, the Orioles are again tied for first place.  Baltimore 9, Tampa Bay 2.


The United States is hoping to qualify for a spot in the 2014 World Cup.  However, each year this is getting increasingly difficult as other nations continue to improve.  Plus, the U.S. has been rather weak lately.  They needed a comeback and fast.  Yesterday they took on Jamaica.  It was 0-0 most of the way, but in the 55th minute, USA’s Herculez Gomez hooked in a goal that gave the US a 1-0 lead.  And that’s all they would need to hold on for the victory.  It was an important qualifying match, but the US will have to win a few more if they hope to be a North American representative in the 2014 World Cup.  USA 1, Jamaica 0.


And in a story from college football, Jamie Kuntz, was reportedly kicked off his North Dakota college football team because he was gay.  Kuntz was there on scholarship, but couldn’t suit up because of a recent concussion.  Kuntz had a much older boyfriend (65 years old) and at the game, the two happened to kiss. Other people saw the kiss, and weren’t comfortable with it.  Kuntz said, “People around here aren’t exposed to it”.  The coach excused Kuntz from the team.  He said it was because Kuntz lied, saying that the older man was his grandfather, but it turned out to be his boyfriend.  Kuntz said this is a double-standard, because had it been an older woman with him, nothing would have happened.  There seems to be some homophobia at play here, and hopefully Kuntz gets some justice and fair treatment.

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