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The San Francisco 49ers headed to Minnesota expecting a win.  The 49ers are the early Super Bowl favorites, as their defense looks impenetrable.  They have practically shut down two of the most explosive offenses in the NFL (the Packers and the Lions).  So of course they expected to ‘stuff’ a confused team like the Vikings.  Um, wrong.  The Vikings came to play, under the leadership of their second year quarterback Christian Ponder (Who is this you ask, well, he certainly gave us a reason to remember his name).  He finished with 198 yards and 2 touchdowns, plus a rushing TD he ran right through the Niners defense.  Before San Fran knew it, the game was over.  The Vikings may have had a slow start to the season, but they’re getting back on track, and we can’t count them out just yet.  Minnesota 24, San Francisco 13.

Elsewhere, the Miami Dolphins were looking to pull out a win their big rival, the New York Jets.  They got out to an early lead, but Sanchez and the Jets came surging back to tie things up.  By the way, that surge included what NFL Red Zone Channel host Scott Hanson called “a New York tabloid writer’s dream”.  Tim Tebow made an appearance, lined up in the slot, and Sanchez threw him a bullet pass — except Tebow didn’t see it and it hit him in the head.  It made him look like one of the three stooges out there.  Then, in overtime, the Jets’ Nick Folk hit a 33 yard field goal to give the Jets the win.  The Jets are a sloppy 2-1.  NY Jets 23, Miami 20.

Finally, in New Orleans, it was a battle of two 0-2 teams that simply could not afford to go 0-3.  The Saints have been lackluster this season, mostly because their head coach Sean Payton has been fully suspended for a year.  ‘Fully’ meaning he can’t call plays via text message or anything like that.  The Saints started out the game strong, but suddenly, the Chiefs got a miracle running performance from Jamaal Charles.  Charles had a whopping 233 rushing yards (granted he got overtime to continue tallying up the yardage) and 1 touchdown.  And in OT, the Chiefs Ryan Succop hit a 31 yard field goal to give the Chiefs the much needed win.  The Saints are now 0-3 and need to turn things around fast.  Kansas City 27, New Orleans 24.

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