In college football, with the season about to get underway this weekend, it seems like the perfect time to point out some rivalry controversy.  In Los Angeles, there is a billboard of USC quarterback Matt Barkley looking towards the sky, taken on the day he decided to stay.  The slogan reads:  “USC Football:  We play to finish”.  Not a bad slogan, but also probably not a good idea to put that billboard next to the UCLA campus (USC”s biggest rival).  Just yesterday, without warning, the billboard was painted over.  USC and UCLA say they had nothing to do with it.  It was likely some of the student body of UCLA, but  with this kind of rivalry, it wasn’t the smartest thing to infringe on the other’s turf.

Elsewhere in college football, Wisconsin is once again predicted to have a solid year.  They have Maryland transfer Danny O’Brien at quarterback, and boast a Heisman finalist running-back in Montee Ball.  Late Tuesday night, walking home to his house, Ball was assaulted by three guys.  He sustained a concussion in the attack, and the police think that the fight occurred because of an incident at a party the night before.  The Police currently have the three guys who did this in custody, but thank goodness that Ball is alright.  He’s not just an amazing football player at Wisconsin, he’s starting to achieve royalty status there.  And nobody messes with their precious Badgers.


Finally in the NBA, not that the 2012 Dream Team struggled without Blake Griffin (they easily picked up the gold), but Griffin unfortunately wasn’t able to play because of a knee injury.  Griffin had his knee surgery and now says that he feels 100% healthy.  He’s doing all his normal movements again and it’s likely that we will see him dunking all over the place come November.  Plus, the Clippers will need Griffin.  They have a very strong team this coming season, picking up key free agents like Jamal Crawford and Grant Hill — but the team is still built around Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. If everybody is healthy and injury-free, this team has a chance to make the Western Conference Finals.
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