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Finally, after a torrid off-season in college ball (which included the entire Penn State saga),  college football is back!  The game of the night was #9 South Carolina vs. an up-and-coming Vanderbilt team.  South Carolina was also back with their Heisman candidate Marcus Lattimore, who went down mid-season last year with an injury.  There are a lot of expectations on South Carolina this year, as LSU and Alabama lost a step this off-season, and the Gamecocks actually have a chance to nab the conference.  But, against, Vanderbilt, they didn’t look that amazing.  In fact, Vanderbilt had the lead in the 4th quarter, but thanks to Marcus Lattimore’s 2 touchdowns, the Gamecocks were able to get just enough to win the game.  One win under their belt en route to a National Championship.  South Carolina 17, Vanderbilt 13.


The upcoming U.S. Open will mark the end of a very exciting tennis career.  After more than 10 years of fantastic tennis, in which he essentially carried the flag for America, Andy Roddick has said that he has decided to call it quits whenever his run ends at the U.S. Open.  In the past, Roddick has done very well at the U.S. Open, and it’s fitting that he’s choosing this tournament as his last.  Roddick has earned more than $20 million in his career (not bad), as well as marry the swimsuit cover girl Brooklyn Decker.  Now that he’s walking away from the sport at a young 30 years old, the two will have time to enjoy their marriage.  Congratulations to Roddick for an amazing career.  And who knows… maybe he’ll win and go out on a high-note.


And in some odd news out of baseball, with the Washington Nationals in first place and heading toward a successful post-season run, the head coach Davey Johnson has said he will shut down their star pitcher Stephen Strasburg.  Strasburg is one of the best pitchers in baseball, and there is a lot of controversy over why you would take out the best player at the most important time of the season.  Obviously orders are coming from above Davey Johnson, from owners looking to protect their investment, but fans are complaining that this ‘business’ decision could cost the Nationals a shot at a championship.  But, with a guy like Strasburg, who’s only 24 years old, he could be a very lucrative commodity for Washington over the next 12 years.  Then again, Strasburg is only a year removed from Tommy John elbow surgery, which means his arm is still quite sensitive.  It’s not official yet, but the Nationals will likely be without Strasburg in the post-season.

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