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Prior to this season, there has only been 20 recorded perfect games in history.  And with only about 120 games into the season, we’ve already seen 2 perfect games pitched.  That’s pretty incredible.  And what’s even more incredible… we saw another one last night. Felix Hernandez, the ace pitcher in Seattle, found himself in a position to throw a perfect game.  And he was trying to do it against a team that’s been hot lately:  The Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  Hernandez had 12 strikeouts on the night, including Sean Rodriguez, the last player at bat for the Devil Rays.   Congratulations to Hernandez, a pitcher whose been quietly lighting it up in Seattle the past few seasons.  He can now add this achievement to his Cy Young Award.  Seattle 1, Tampa Bay 0.


The Cowboys have been reliant on tight end Jason Witten the past few seasons.  He has been Tony Romo’s roommate and right hand man on the team.  In Monday’s pre-season game against the Raiders, Witten suffered a lacerated spleen — a rare injury and one that the Cowboys coaching staff are calling serious.  They have told Witten that he needs to remain very still for the next 7-10 days.  Witten is expected back for Week 1 of the season, but if it turns out that his spleen is ruptured, Witten would require surgery.  If that happens, there’s no telling when he would be able to return to the field.  Without Witten, the Cowboys offense looks very different.  They’re desperately hoping he will be ready to go on September 5th vs. the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.


Every now and then the U.S. travels to Mexico for a ‘friendly’ international soccer bout.  But the sad truth is… the U.S. hasn’t won on Mexican soil in the last 24 tries.  They are 0-23-1 (that one lucky tie).  Mexico is very serious about their soccer, especially when it comes to taking on their border rival.  But, yesterday, the streak finally ended thanks to an unlikely goal from Orozco Fiscal.  Fiscal is a defensive player, but found himself in scoring position and took a shot.  That shot gave the U.S. the victory, and bolstered their self-esteem as a football program.  With the win, the U.S. now need to take their soccer program very seriously.  The World Cup is 2 years away, and they have enough time to prepare to take on the best of the world.  They just have to get the right roster and play to their strengths.  Just imagine if they pulled off a major upset in 2014.  USA 1, Mexico 0.

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