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In the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys are expecting a lot from their star wide-receiver Dez Bryant this year.  They drafted him in the first round 3 years ago and need a solid performance from him.  Thing is, Bryant has had trouble off-the-field.  He got arrested in July for allegedly hitting his mom, and is a liability for the Cowboys organization.  So what’s the solution?  They are putting him on some strict rules which include ‘No Strip Clubs’ ‘A midnight curfew’, and a 3 bodyguards around him at all time.  This is a no-nonsense policy, and if Bryant doesn’t successfully follow these rules, he’s likely gone from the organization.  Some think these rules are controversial, as it’s an infringement upon Bryant’s privacy and freedom.  Maybe it is an infringement but if he can’t figure out how to stay out of trouble while he’s trying to get the shot of his life playing for an NFL team, then he’s not ready to be in the big leagues and if he actually did hit his mom, then he’s not ready to be part of civilized society.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the New England Patriots are poised for a great season.  They brought in a bevy of players on both offense and defense, and have a young emerging superstar in Rob Gronkowski.  Earlier this year they signed Gronkowski, and now the Patriots have signed their other tight end Aaron Hernandez to a long-term extension.  The Pats want to make sure that Tom Brady has the appropriate weapons going forward.  With those two tight-ends, the Patriots seriously have an embarassment of riches out there.  Plus, they brought in Brandon Lloyd from the Rams to give Brady a solid option, and they signed Jeffrey Demps from Florida straight off winning a medal in sprinting in the 2012 Olympics.  The Patriots could be fantastic this year.


And in the NBA, the Lakers have always been about honoring their former stars.  But when you think about the Lakers, the first name that comes to mind is Magic Johnson.  They honor Johnson all the time, and it has always bugged Kareem Abdul-Jabar, who was absolutely amazing when he played for the Lakers.  After all, Abdul-Jabar is a six-time NBA MVP AND the all time NBA scoring champion.  So nobody has more points than this guy.  Now, after long last, the Lakers will finally erect a statue of Abdul-Jabar outside of Staples Center.  This is much deserved and long overdue.  Now the question is… can Dwight Howard become the greatest Lakers center ever?

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