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In the NFL, it looks like the referee lockout may pose more of a problem than the league may have hoped.  The referees are locked out right now over disputes with the league.  For example, the NFL wants to make a group of officials who only work part-time in the NFL work full time.  But, many of these referees have full time jobs and won’t be able to do this.  As of right now, it appears that the two groups are at loggerheads.  This is a bad thing because the players have been openly complaining about the current replacement refs, and the coaches are getting vexed as well.  But if the lockout stays firm, the NFL is now considering starting the season with these replacement refs.  If this is the case, we might be seeing some very bad calls the first few weeks of the season.

Elsewhere in the NFL, after just a few weeks with the organization, the Miami Dolphins have decided to part ways with Chad Johnson (formerly Ocho Cinco).  Johnson was already becoming a star again on HBO Hard Knocks, but the clock was already ticking on Johnson’s time with the Dolphins.  He was arrested this weekend for domestic abuse claims, and that is not the PR or type of character the Dolphins want on their team.  Plus, head coach Joe Philbin said it wasn’t just one isolated incident.  Philbin didn’t like how Johnson used a lot of profanity with the media, and stated that it was Johnson’s overall body of negative work that got him released from the team.  The Dolphins were terrible last season, and they need to remain focused on getting better.  Chad Johnson was more about himself than the team as a whole.  And you don’t want that when you’re trying to rebuild.

Finally, in college football, Tyrann Mathieu (The Honey Badger) was recently released from LSU’s football program after testing positive for substance-abuse.  This is a big deal considering that Mathieu made a huge name for himself last season, and established himself as one of the best players in college football.  He was in line to become a high draft pick and make a ton of money from an NFL Career and endorsements.  Honey Badger was kicked off the football program, but not out of the university.  He said that he wants to get his degree and hoped to return to the Tigers for the 2013 season, but yesterday they said that Tyrann can never play for the university again.  Now it’s likely that Mathieu will transfer to a smaller school hoping to get another crack at playing football.  If he’s lucky, he’ll still stay in the eye of NFL scouts, and hopefully get a ahot at an NFL team.

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