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In baseball, the Texas Rangers are making a late season push to prove they’re the best team in baseball.  Adrian Beltre has been a key factor in this success.  He’s red hot right now, and doing his best to ensure the Rangers get back to the World Series yet again.  Last night against the Orioles (a team hoping to get into the playoffs with the new 2 wild cards), Beltre was in rare form.  He hit not 1, not 2, but 3 home runs!!!!!  That is truly incredible.  Texas has solid pitching for the post season, and if Beltre and company can give them run insurance, the Rangers will be very difficult to beat.  Texas 12, Baltimore 3.


Usain Bolt has already established himself as the greatest sprinter of all time.  This man is simply lightning fast.  But, given that he just won his two classic events — the 100m dash and 200m dash, it may be time for Bolt to challenge himself.  He said that he will be coming back for the 2016 games in Rio with his sights set on two new events to dominate:  The 400m, and… the long jump?  Now that’s ambitious.  Then again, that’s what U.S. Olympic hero Carl Lewis used to do back in the 80s, marking himself as a marvelous ‘all-around’ athlete.  Bolt wants that distinction as well — to be not only the world’s fastest man, but also the world’s best athlete.  Can he pull it off?


Finally, in the NFL, after the Dolphins recently let go of Chad Johnson for his off the field issues, he is now a man looking for (yet another) team.  Then again, it’s likely that no team will take a chance on a head case like Chad — especially with domestic abuse charges hanging around his neck.  But there is one team that people think might be a good fit:  The Oakland Raiders.  Why?  Because they’ve got the quarterback that gave Johnson all his success:  Carson Palmer.  Perhaps they can make magic again in Oakland.  But, in an interview, Palmer essentially said, “Not so fast”.  He said the Raiders don’t need Johsnon.  Now, Carson did make it clear that he had no issues with Johnson, just basically stated that the Raiders had a solid core of young receivers that are coming along: Darius Heyward-Bey, Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford — they’re all strong players primed to break out.  Looks like Chad Johnson will have to keep looking.