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In gymnastics, after winning the all around individual competition in women’s gymnastics, Gabby Douglas was hoping to nab gold in the Uneven Bars.  Except standing in her way was what most experts believe is the best gymnast in the world — Russia’s Aliya Mustafina.  Gabby Douglas was fantastic as always, but she made a mistake during one of her turns on the higher bar.  She didn’t have the energy to fall the correct way and perform the correct spin, and that resulted in a huge deduction.  With that deduction, Mustafina’s masterful performance helped her claim the gold.

And in women’s soccer, the ladies were in the semifinal hoping to win a trip to the Championship game.  It was a close game throughout, but the amazing moment came in the 123rd minute.  Alex Morgan is the young star of this women’s Olympic team.  She was a key role player in the World Cup last year, is an emerging superstar, and she is collecting her early highlight reel at these Olympics.  So when she headed in a last minute goal against Canada to send the United States to their fifth  Olympic final, it practically cemented her role as an Olympic hero to the United States.  There’s something special about these rising female soccer stars — they have an effect that excites the nation and gets a lot of young girls interested in sports..  Just a great group of people.

And finally, in some news out of the NFL, it looks like Terrell Owens (T.O.) finally has a job again in the NFL.  The Seattle Seahawks have decided to give him both a chance AND a one-year contract.  The Seahawks have brought in a number of NFL veterans at receiver to give their young quarterbacks some capable targets.  They also brought in former star Braylon Edwards and the reliable Antonio Bryant.  Owens though fits head coach Pete Carroll’s desire to have another tall receiver oppositte their #1 receiver:  Sidney Rice.  In addition to these veterans, they also have a lot of emerging young stars in Ben Obumanu, Golden Tate, and Doug Baldwin.  Watch out for the Seahawks this year.  They’ve been dormant the past few seasons, but this might be the year they turn it around.

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