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In some interesting and annoying news out of Dallas, a Cowboys’ fan is reportedly suing Jerry Jones and the Cowboys organization because she burned her rear on a bench outside their stadium.  In 2010, she claims she sat on a bench while waiting to watch a Cowboys scrimmage.  It was 100 degrees that day, and the bench she chose was made out of black marble and fully exposed to the sun.  The lawyers claim that this made the bench unreasonably hot and exposed the woman to dangerous conditions.  She sat and burned her backside and now wants retribution from the organization.  Given that the new stadium and campus is just a few years old, there’s a chance that the Cowboys overlooked an engineering error such as leaving a black marble bench in the sun, but really? Can’t people take responsibility for themselves? If you’re sitting and feel you’re getting hot, go somewhere else! This is just too ridiculous.

And in college football, it appears that the Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu will not be playing football next season — not at LSU, and apparently not anywhere.  Mathieu has checked into a rehab facility in Houston to try and heal his alcohol and drug addiction.  LSU dismissed him from their football program because of substance-abuse, but it has not been specified as to what drugs Mathieu was on.  Mathieu is also being assisted by former basketball player and coach John Lucas, who also suffered from alcohol and drug addiction back in his playing days.  Mathieu is too talented not to ever receive another chance playing football, and we could be witnessing the beginning one of the better comeback stories of the modern era here.

Also from the NFL, the Giants did something noble yesterday.  Tom Teves now lives in Colorado, but is a lifelong Giants fan.  Teves’ son, Alex Teves, was one of the tragic victims of the Aurora, Colorado shooting from July.  Alex was killed while he was shielding his girlfriend from a barrage of bullets.  He was a true hero.  Tom Teves needed to get away from the area because his grief was too much to handle, so he headed to New Jersey to check out the Giants practice.  Teves said this would have been the highlight of his son’s life.  Eli Manning, Justin Tuck, and Tom Coughlin all greeted Teves and even offered to host him at their homes.  It was the only way they could help.  Teves said he appreciated the gesture and just hopes that they have a great season.