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The San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots scored in Pro Bowl selections Wednesday night. They each have eight players selected for the 2012 roster.  The Pro Bowl will be played on January 29th at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu. Yes, it’s the 29th, which means it’s the weekend before the Super Bowl. So, if, for instance, Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady (both selected for the Pro Bowl and both on Teams (Packers and Patriots respectively) that could compete in the Super Bowl, they will not be going.

Here are the other Quarterbacks invited to participate: For the rest of the lineup, click here:

AFC QB: Tom Brady (starter), Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh), Phillip Rivers (San Diego). And, if someone has to drop out, Tebow is in in.

NFC QB: Aaron Rodgers (starter), Green Bay, Drew Brees (New Orleans), Eli Manning (N.Y. Giants)


And speaking of Pro-Bowlers, Jason Taylor the 6th time Pro Bowler for the Miami Dolphins will be retiring after a 14 year career with the Dolphins. At 38 years old, Taylor’s body is probably just getting too old for the wear and tear of the game. With that said, even though he didn’t start ever game for the Dolphins this year, he still managed to put up big numbers with seven sacks this season. Taylor will certainly be missed by Dolphin fans for his impact on the game (only defensive lineman to score nine touchdowns in his career).

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