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In college football, this Saturday was the annual Heisman Trophy Presentation.  Prior to the season, everybody thought that Andrew Luck was an absolute shoe in for the award.  He was a finalist, to be sure, but was also joined by 4 other incredible candidates:  Tyrann Mathieu (LSU), Montee Ball (Wisconsin), Robert Griffin III (Baylor) and Trent Richardson (Alabama).  Any one of these guys could make a case for deserving the trophy, but at the end of the night, only one man was standing.  None other than RG3, Baylor’s Robert Griffin III.  This guy was responsible for posting gaudy numbers and running up the score, and put Baylor back on the map.  Congrats to RG3!

In the NFL, everyone wanted to see if Tim Tebow, 6-1 as a starter with Denver, could work his magic again.  At this point, the number of miracles these guys have pulled in the 4th quarter is astounding.  There’s no way they could get another one, right?  Not so fast….Tebow played quite poorly in the first half, and it looked like the Bears were on their way to a victory.  Even in the 4th quarter, with just over 2 minutes, the Bears were in position to end the game.  But then, Bears’ running-back Marion Barber accidentally went out of bounds, saving the Broncos a full 40 seconds.  The Bears had to punt, giving the Broncos a chance for “Tebow-Time”.  And, out of nowhere, he got them into Bears territory, giving their kicker Matt Prater a chance to tie the game with a 58-yard field goal.  And he kicked it so hard and so straight, that it would have been good for 68 yards.  Overtime.  Then, in overtime, the Bears looked like they had it again, when Marion Barber broke away and was about to run to daylight, when… he was miraculously stripped and fumbled the ball.  It came out of NOWHERE!  The Broncos got it back, headed into field goal range, and won the game.  Amazing!!!  Tebow’s miracles continue, and he will face Tom Brady and the Pats next week.  Denver 13, Chicago 10.

And on Sunday Night Football, a key game with playoff implications between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys.  Last week, the Cowboys lost in stunning fashion when they missed a field goal after their OWN coach called a timeout to seemingly ice their OWN kicker.  This week… they needed redemption.  The Cowboys started out strong with Tony Romo connecting on some  touchdown passes to Dez Bryant, Laurent Robinson, and John Phillips.  And just when they thought they had the game in their hands in the 4th quarter, the Giants launched their comeback.  With under 4 minutes to play, Eli Manning hit Jake Ballard for a touchdown, the Cowboys didn’t do anything on offense, the Giants got it back, Manning marched them down the field, and finally Brandon Jacobs got into the end zone.  The Giants also got the two point conversion to make it a 3-point game.  But… the Cowboys did get in field goal range — and here we go again.  Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey kicked one, but Giants coach Tom Coughlin called timeout.  For a second week in a row, he would have to do it again.  And on the second kick… BLOCKED!!!  And the Cowboys lost two straight and seriously hurt their playoff chances.   NY Giants 37, Dallas 34.

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