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In the NBA, it seems Chris Paul is trying to do anything possible to get to Los Angeles.  Except, it doesn’t look like he cares which LA uniform he wears.  Yesterday, a trade was proposed that would make Paul a Clipper.  The Clips would send Chris Kaman, Al Farouq Aminu, Eric Bledsoe, and the T-Wolves #1 pick in 2012 for Paul.  Since the NBA owns the Hornets right now, they vetoed the trade, thinking it wasn’t fair.  Plus, they wanted the Clippers to throw in their rising star Eric Gordon.  But the Clippers didn’t want to include Gordon because he’s one of the key people they want to build around.  After all, having a nucleus of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and Eric Gordon would almost surely put the Clippers in the playoffs.  As of right now, the deal is still pending, but the Clippers want him badly, while the Lakers are still eying Dwight Howard.


When Albert Pujols decided to take the Los Angeles Angels 10-year offer for $254 million, he received a lot of flack in the St. Louis media.  They said he was all about the money.  Pujols said that wasn’t the case, but nobody believed him.  Pujols wife, Diedre, addressed the St. Louis media yesterday to give their side of the story.  She said Pujols said he was prepared to take less money to stay in St. Louis.  Plus, the Pujols’ are very active in local community service projects — they have all the reason in the world to stay.  Then, the Cardinals organization said they wanted to make Pujols a Cardinal for life, but their initial offer was only for 5 years.  Pujols wondered:  How is that a life-long deal?  Additionally, Albert said he felt the Angles just wanted him more.  After all, a 10-year deal with no deferred payments sends the signal that this team intends to make you the face of their franchise for the foreseeable future.  Pujols will also embrace the Angels organization with open arms, and most likely truly come through for them.


Finally, we just saw more coaching dismissals in the NFL.  First up, the Dolphins have finally given up on Tony Sparano.  Sparano has been leading a lackluster Dolphins team the past few years, never really posing a threat in the AFC East.  Many thought that Sparano was going to be let go in the off-season, but they gave him one more chance, and with the Dolphins at 4-9, they’re just gonna get rid of him.  The Dolphins have a few big-name coaches they could go after, including Bill Cowher and Jeff Fisher.  Either way, they want to get this franchise back on track as attendance has been truly horrible.  The Dolphins general manager said he’d like to find a young Don Shula… if that’s possible.  And, elsewhere, the Kansas City Chiefs have called it quits on head coach Todd Haley.  Haley won the AFC West and made the playoffs last year, but the Chiefs have been putrid this season, and don’t show any signs of getting better.  They need new leadership to help rebuild the storied franchise and get the team playing with passion like they used to in the 90s.  Believe it or not, Kansas City used to be one of the toughest places to play in the NFL.  Who can make this a reality again?

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