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In the NFL, it was a Thursday Night Football match-up between the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars and the Atlanta Falcons.  The Falcons desperately needed this game if they wanted to continue their playoff campaign, but the Jaguars are just the type of team that causes hopeful teams to overlook them.  That’s when the Jags sneak up and bite you.  But, Atlanta is on way too much of a mission to let that happen.  They simply took care of business.  The Falcons defense completely stifled the Jaguars, and the Falcons Roddy White had a monster of a game.  He had 135 yards receiving and hauled in two touchdown passes.  Given that this is a playoff week for fantasy football, that could have seriously helped someone.  With the win, the Falcons continue to make that late push for the post-season.  They’re clicking at just the right time.  Atlanta 41, Jacksonville 14.


Elsewhere in the NBA, Chris Paul finally officially arrived in Los Angeles yesterday, and, in his press conference, said that he BELIEVES in this organization.  That hasn’t been uttered by a Clippers superstar in, um, forever — primarily because they’ve never really had a superstar before.  Additionally, two days ago it was reported by the Orlando Magic that Dwight Howard was off the trade market.  Just yesterday, Howard made it clear that his request for a trade still stands.  He still wants out of there, and the Magic will try, until the trade deadline, to ship him out of town for something in return or sign him to a huge deal.  If they don’t, Howard could just jump ship leaving the Magic with nothing in return.  And once he leaves, it’s going to take the Magic organization at least 4 or 5 seasons to rebuild into a contender again (if they’re lucky).  They need to sign him or bring in some serious talent.


Finally, in some strange news, several High School athletes were suspended… for “Tebowing”.  As a refresher, “Tebowing” is in reference to Tim Tebow’s prayer ritual after scoring a touchdown.  He gets down on one knee, and gets in a worship position with his elbow touching his knee and his knuckles touching his forehead.  This used to be just called praying, but Tebow-mania comes with a whole new set of vocabulary words.  These High School athletes did it in the hallways for 4 minutes in between classes for 3 days in a row.  The school said they were blocking the walkway for other students and suspended them.  The students were outraged, saying they only did it to pay tribute to Tim Tebow — a guy they said has great faith and is a great role model.  Seems like the school may have overreacted.  Here’s a link to the story in which you can see the students “Tebowing“.

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