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In the NBA, we have even more suitors for New Orleans Hornets superstar Chris Paul.  Apparently the Golden State Warriors, now under new coach Mark Jackson, are interested in bringing Paul to town to boost their profile in the bay area.  Remember, the Warriors are in a rather major market and having a superstar like Paul would immediately put them on television more.  However, the Hornets are saying they want current Warriors star Stephan Curry in return.  Curry’s good, but if you have a chance to get Paul… you take it.  Also courting Paul, the Los Angeles Clippers, who are trying their hardest to eclipse the Lakers as the team to watch in LA.  Can you imagine a Chris Paul / Blake Griffin combo?  But the Hornets are asking for Clippers star guard Eric Gordon in return.  But again, with the exception of trading LeBron or Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul is just one of those you have to get on your team.


And in college football, the Big East division has pretty much fallen apart.  Next season, West Virginia is reportedly bolting for the Big 12, and Syracuse and UCONN are heading to the ACC (for football).  Possibly Pitt too.  So… that means they need to rebuild.  And they’re not exactly picky about where in the country those teams are coming from, pretty much rendering the moniker of Big EAST mute.  First up, Boise State (yes, in Boise Idaho).  These guys needed to leave, as being in a major conference would give them an automatic bid to a lucrative BCS bowl in if they win the conference.  People won’t have to debate them anymore.  The other teams  were looking for the same opportunity — those teams include SMU (Southern Methodist), UCF (Central Florida), San Diego State (very far from the east) and Houston (a team that looked fantastic this season).  This could become a very entertaining conference to watch.

Finally, in the NFL, former great Archie Manning (father to Peyton and Eli) said on the radio that he doesn’t think that Peyton would do well with Andrew Luck on the team.  The Colts are on pace to get the #1 pick in the draft, and that is unanimously Andrew Luck.  But Peyton still thinks he has some great years in him (if he can successfully recover from neck surgery).  Archie Manning said that Andrew Luck is the type of mature player who can walk right in and play.  He wouldn’t necessarily benefit from studying under Manning for a few years.  It could be a bad situation if they were on the same team, as eventually, one would have to go.  And all signs suggest that would be Peyton packing his bags.  The Colts may try to trade the #1 pick for maximum value and give Manning some incredible offensive and defensive support to help him win over the next few years.

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