In the NFL, with the conference championship just a few days away, there’s some news out of Pittsburgh.  Just last season, Jets receiver Santonio Holmes was in a Steelers uniform.  He was traded this off season to the Jets, and has significantly improved their offense.  His former teammate and close friend, cornerback Ike Taylor, said he would have absolutely no problem leveling Holmes in Sunday’s games.  The exact quote was, “I’m not going to hesitate to lay him out”.  Taylor’s reason:  Because he knows Holmes would do the exact same thing to him if he got the chance.  This sentiment shows that this will be a brutal, hard-hitting game.


In the NBA, just one day after Carmelo Anthony found out that he won’t be a New Jersey Net, he has gone quiet with the media.  Of course, now that he’s not going to New Jersey, people want to know where he’s headed.  He could be a Knick, a Clipper, who knows?  But ‘Melo is staying mum.  Furthermore, Kobe Bryant had a few words of advice for Denver fans.  Bryant said that if the Nuggets want to keep Melo there, they should stop booing, because that just makes marquee players want to leave more.  Plus, Bryant added, that he’s pretty sure Anthony’s motive has nothing to do with being in a “bigger market”.  Kobe said it’s all about winning, and that management needs to do whatever is necessary for a team to win.  If they don’t, the stars want to leave to give themselves the best opportunity to have a great career.  We’ll see what ‘Melo does in the coming weeks.

Finally, in some more Kobe Bryant news — it looks like Kobe will be the first athlete to take part in a hand print ceremony at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  Kobe said it is a great honor to be with such an elite class as Marilyn Monroe, and this ceremony will take place during the all-star game.  Bryant, of course, has been extremely visible in the city of Los Angeles throughout his whole career.   He’s the biggest celebrity in the city, has won 5 championships, and is idolized by many young kids.   It’s not surprising that his hand print will be immortalized.

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