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In the NBA, some major news out of New Jersey.  Nets Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov has officially pulled out of the Carmelo Anthony trade proposal.  This trade hit the news almost 2 weeks ago, and has since been played out in public.  Pundits have been weighing in on this trade, the media keeps talking about it, and it has been a huge distraction to New Jersey Nets.  Players on the team have been concerned whether or not they will still be in New Jersey in a week, and the Nets owner thinks that all of this drama has cost them several losses.  The team is simply not focused. Yesterday, he and Nets General Manager Billy King said that they will be ok without Carmelo.  They have good draft picks, a good young team, and some money to spend. They’ve decided to go a different direction, and now Carmelo is in a bind to sign something, or he could potentially lose $50 million if there is an NBA lockout.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs are quietly having their best season ever.  Quietly meaning that all the media attention has been on LeBron and the Heat, the Celtics, the Lakers woes, the resurgence of the Knicks, the Carmelo trade, etc…  But nobody has been focusing attention on the Spurs, who are off to their best start in franchise history.  Sure, people like to ignore the Spurs.  They’re a team of veterans who play sound, fundamental basketball.  They give you highlights, but typically not of the Blake Griffin super-dunk kind.  Last night, they were trying for 7 wins in a row against the Toronto Raptors.  The Raptors were actually leading in the 3rd quarter, but then the Spurs were able to outscore them by 17 in the 3rd and eventually ran away with the win.  The Spurs are in pole position to win the West this year.  San Antonio 104, Toronto 95.


Finally, in the NFL, many think that the surging Green Bay Packers will triumph Sunday behind the impeccable play of their quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  But, there is certainly one fan in America that believes the Bears will take care of business and head to the Super Bowl.  That man:  The President of The United States.  That’s right, Obama has made his feelings public about the Bears and the Super Bowl, saying “We’re Going”.  Remember, Obama used to represent Illinois in Washington D.C. before his presidency.  But does having the president’s vote of confidence guarantee anything?  Not really.  Either way, look for this game to be an absolute dogfight until the end.

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