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In the NBA, blockbuster trade talks are heating up again around Carmelo Anthony.  The deal, that is supposedly close to being done, would send Carmelo Anthony to the New Jersey Nets.  If he went to the Nets, this would effectively be the consolation prize that New Jersey received for not landing LeBron.  Remember, the Nets intend to move to Brooklyn in the next few years, which would make them a big market team.  Having a nucleus of Carmelo in his prime along with Brook Lopez in the middle would give them a very nice foundation.  There are also reports that Chauncey Billups would also join him.  Plus, the loose trade talk may also send the Pistons Rip Hamilton to New Jersey.  This would instantly make them competitive in the East.  Right now, these are still just talks, but expect more details in the days to come.


Elsewhere, one of the most coveted coaching jobs in sports recently became available.  At the end of this season, Michigan fired head coach Rich Rodriguez.  He simply did not return them to prominence.  Michigan is one of the top, most prestigious programs in college football, and it’s a job that every coach dreams of.  Michigan interviewed LSU coach Les Miles for the gig, and there was talk that Michigan alum Jim Harbaugh (from Stanford) was interested.  Yesterday, Michigan found their replacement:  Brady Hoke from San Diego State.  Hoke isn’t a sexy name, but he has turned around two lowly programs (Ball State and San Diego State).  Michigan needs a hard nosed guy who knows how to turn their ailing program into a winner.  Michigan isn’t close to tackling Ohio State right now, but there’s a chance that Hoke has the coaching know how and great recruiting skills to make this happen.

Finally, in college football, Auburn head coach Gene Chizik had some interesting words just one day after winning the National Championship.  He said the time to party… is OVER, essentially only allowing his program only 12 hours to celebrate winning the whole thing.  The reality is that Auburn, a team that many considered only a middle-of-the-road team prior to the beginning of the season, will resume that reputation this off-season.  They will most likely lose Cam Newton to the NFL draft along with other key defensive backs and offensive lineman.  They will have to pretty much rebuild, and Coach Chizik knows that winning next season will require a lot of energy and attention to detail.  He’s shutting down the party early.

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