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In the NBA, it was a rematch of the 2010 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers with the game in downtown LA.  The Lakers have been an up and down team this year, beating the very average teams of the league, but they’ve struggled with the powerhouses… like Boston. This weekend, however, Kobe Bryant came to play against Boston.  He put up 41 points on the day, but, unfortunately, not many assists.  He didn’t exactly get too much help from his teammates, which allowed the Celtics to remain strong and eventually dominate the Lakers in the end.  The Celtics shot the ball extremely well, and showed the Lakers that they better get their act together if they want to win (or even get back to) the NBA Finals.  Boston 109, LA Lakers 96.

In college basketball, for the first time in many years, St. Johns basketball is competitive again.  The Redmen used to be one of the forefront teams in the 1980s, but have been rather dormant the past 20 years (with the exception of the Ron Artest era).  Remember, that St. Johns is unofficially the college basketball team of New York city.  Syracuse too, but St. Johns is more local.  You can bet that Madison Square Garden was packed when St. Johns hosted the #3 Duke Blue Devils.  And everybody likes to beat Duke.  This game… wasn’t even close.  It was a romp, as Justin Brownlee and Dwight Hardy put on a show to absolutely crush the Blue Devils.  Watch out for St. Johns come tourney time.  They are dangerous.  St. Johns 93, Duke 78.


Sunday marked the now current warm-up game for the Super Bowl:  The Pro Bowl.  This game is typically not a major event in the NFL because fans know that the players don’t go full force.  They can’t risk their entire careers for an exhibition game.  The NFC pulled out to a big lead behind some incredible defensive plays.  They had big rushing plays from the Rams Stephen Jackson and the Vikings Adrian Peterson.  The AFC tried to come back at the end, but an interception thrown by the Chiefs’ Matt Cassel resulted in yet another NFC touchdown that would seal the deal.  It was a fun game with the NFL’s best, but the main event is next Sunday between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Super Bowl is upon us.  NFC 55, AFC 41.

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