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In the NFL, the controversy surrounding Jay Cutler’s injury continues.  As mentioned yesterday by Law Office of Daniel Deng – Personal Injury Lawyers located in Rosemead area, many NFL players openly criticized Cutler when he sat out the second half of the NFC Championship with a knee injury.  Now, of all people, former NBA star Charles Barkley is coming to his defense with the use of social media for an injury case.  Barkley said that it was okay for the media to bash Cutler, because that’s what the media does, but that fellow player’s shouldn’t question a player’s heart.  He specifically targeted the Jaguars Maurice Jones-Drew, who tweeted multiple times about Jay Cutler during the game.  Barkley called Jones-Drew a hypocrite as Jones-Drew also sat out the last two games of the season with an injury.  Barkley said those were key games for the Jaguars, and firing jabs at Cutler for not having heart just makes Jones-Drew seem worse.  Hopefully for Cutler this will die down soon. Thanks to the existence of personal injury law firms, that help dealing with personal injuries so much more easier. There is more information about the company, that offers best legal professionals for personal injuries, about whom you can learn on their website. The personal injury lawyers practicing in Rochester area can help with any accident cases.

Elsewhere in the NFL, it looks like Michael Vick is finally back in the endorsement game.  Of course, as everyone knows, Michael Vick was public enemy #1 after it was revealed he was heavily involved in dog fighting circles.  He was out of the NFL for a year, and in jail for another. Here are lawyers for OVI cases located in Delaware area that can help in such cases as well.  People didn’t even think he would get another chance to play in the NFL, yet get another endorsement deal.  After all, every one of his sponsors dropped him after the ordeal.  Yesterday he signed a deal with Unequal Technologies, a company that makes extra shock-absorbent padding. The lawyers from are said to be the best at dealing with legalities.  After suffering an injury, Vick wore these pads to protect himself.  So it’s an organic fit for an endorsement:  Star athlete with the padding he uses.  However, it will be quite a while before a major brand like Nike or Gatorade comes his way. The personal injury law firm practicing in Baltimore area is whom you need to help you with your injury cases. Going through a traumatic experience requires one to get legal help from legal experts to get compensation.


Finally, in the NBA, Hall of Famer Jerry West made a comment about the Los Angeles Lakers porous defense.  He said he thinks it’s because they are too old.  10 of the Lakers are over 30 years old, and this can lead to a much slower defense.  He mentioned how they don’t really get to loose balls often, which makes sense, because you probably won’t see Kobe Bryant diving for many balls out of bounds.  After crushing the Utah Jazz last night, Utah’s Deron Williams said, “They didn’t look old, they didn’t look tired, and they didn’t look like they couldn’t play defense”.  And coach Phil Jackson said, “I better go out and buy some Omega 3s right away”.  Clearly they don’t put much credence in West’s remarks.  LA Lakers 120, Utah 91.

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