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In the NBA, all the talk has been around Carmelo Anthony this past week. Most of the rumors (although they are pretty legitimate) have him going to the New Jersey Nets. Apparently, ‘Melo doesn’t think he can win in Denver, and wants to play the second half of his career somewhere else. But more specifically, he wants to go back to his hometown.  In a test of what the Nuggets could do against the league’s best, the Nuggets hosted D-Wade and the Heat Thursday. Anthony had a solid game with 21 points, and his teammates definitely chipped in for the victory. So, if the Nuggets can beat the Heat (albeit without LeBron), then why shouldn’t Carmelo just stay with the Nuggets and try to win there. The Lakers aren’t as good this season, and San Antonio is beatable. Denver would just have to focus on winning and not trying to disband. They could potentially win a championship if they acknowledged that nobody is going anywhere. Unfortunately, Melo is still probably headed out of town.


In college football, a major name is headed to the NFL Draft. Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, National Championship and Heisman Trophy winner, is going pro. He will skip his senior season and test his game at the next level. There is a lot of mystery as to how good Newton will be in the pros. His game revolves around being mobile and running the ball down field and that doesn’t exactly work in the NFL (unless you’re Michael Vick, and Newton is not Vick). Experts agree that Newton is only an above-average passer (not a great one), and it will be interesting to see what team takes a chance on him. His game somewhat resembles that of #1 pick draft bust JaMarcus Russell, although Russell showed up out of shape and had off-the-field problems. Although the Buffalo Bills sure could use some help at QB.

Finally, in the NFL, the Denver Broncos have found their replacement for Josh McDaniels. They’ve decided to hire former Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox. Fox coached the Panthers for what seemed forever, and while they had an awful season this year, they have been very successful in the past — even going to a Super Bowl. Denver is one of the NFL’s most famous franchises and their fan base demands a competitive team every year. They’ve got a lot of talented pieces, and Fox might be the guy to get that team in gear. Plus, there are plans to turn the keys over to Tim Tebow (the God of college football) next season. We’ll see how this all pans out. But hey — John Elway is their VP of Operations, so that could be very good luck.

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