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In college basketball, it was a key show down between two potential Cinderella teams in the March Madness tourney.  It was undefeated #4 San Diego State vs. #9 BYU (who has only 1 loss).  BYU students camped out for 48 hours to get tickets to this highly anticipated game, which apparently is against BYU policy.  San Diego State is coached by Steve Fischer, the man who coached the FAB FIVE at Michigan back in the early 90s.  Fischer now has another fantastic team.  Unfortunately for the Aztecs of San Diego State, BYU has Jimmer Fredette, a relentless scoring machine.  He dropped 43 points on SDSU to give BYU the win.  Watch out for both teams in the tournament, but also look for Fredette to potentially make some noise in the pros.  BYU 71, San Diego State 58.

In the NBA, it looks like we have a new leader in the league’s most valuable team.  It used to be the LA Lakers, but now the New York Knicks have surpassed them according to Forbes.  This is most likely due to the fact that the Knicks are compteitive again and drawing bigger crowds.  When the Knicks are good, the city becomes electric, because even though they’ve got the Yankees, New York is a basketball team.  The Forbes report also showed that 17 of the 30 teams in the league lost money last year.  That’s not good.  But, the NBA does have a problem with a quality product right now, as there are about 8 teams that seemingly aren’t competitive at all.  They are the teams that make up the swollen win streaks of the quality teams.  There’s a chance you could see some contraction in the near future.


Finally, in the NFL, with a pending lockout looming next season, commissioner Roger Goodell is finally starting to confront it.  He said he would actively reduce his salary to $1 if there is a lockout.  Typically, Goodell makes $10 million per year including bonuses, but would do whatever it takes to reach a fair collective bargaining agreement.  Other top executives have also offered to lower their salaries during a lockout, but Goodell is hoping that nothing disrupts the NFL business and the entertainment it brings to fans.

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