In the NFL, Peyton Manning’s contract is about to expire.  Currently, Manning is the highest paid player in the NFL, and rightly so.  Over the last few seasons he has solidified his dominance as the best and smartest quarterback in the game.  Now, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is dead set on making Peyton Manning the highest paid player in the NFL… again.  Manning is 34 years old, but Irsay wants to make sure that Manning shatters any and all records in a Colts uniform.  Plus, the Colts are annual super bowl contenders with Peyton at the helm.  Given the Colts horrible stint in the 90s, you can’t let your team go into a downward spiral if it’s avoidable.  Most notably, Manning’s age isn’t really a huge concern given the recent success of older quarterbacks Brett Favre and Kurt Warner.

Elsewhere in the NFL, some controversy in New York.  The Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis established himself as one of the premiere cornerbacks in the NFL last year.  He was just a rookie, but many think he may be the best cornerback in the game.  Revis… is one of these people.  Well, even though Revis is under contract for three more years, he is holding out from camp saying he wants a new contract.  On one hand, you can side with Jets management.  Revis signed a contract and has to honor it, because it could go the other way too — if he had underperformed, he still would have gotten paid.  On the other hand, Revis knows how valuable he is to the Jets and is grossly underpaid for his skill level.  Either way, Revis is threatening to skip games if they don’t bring him a new contract.  What will the Jets do?


Former heart throb Mike Modano has signed a one year contract with the Detroit Red Wings.  Once upon a time Mike Modano was the face of the NHL.  A fantastic player, he was the “hot hockey player”, the good-looking guy the NHL could put on magazine covers to get a female audience.  He has since dropped down the ranks, but now the Red Wings are hoping he still has some magic left in him.  He will be a reserve player for Detroit, but ideally can provide mentorship to some of their younger players.  And — he’s still quite attractive.

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