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It was a slow weekend in the sports world — and a few long-time NFL veterans lost their job.


First, in Cincinnati, the Bengals decided to release wide-receiver Antonio Bryant.  Bryant was acquired from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during this off-season, and was expected to become their #2 receiver after Chad Ochocinco.  After all, Bryant played very well in the past few seasons in Tampa Bay.  At one point, he was a fantasy football hero.  But, things weren’t working out, and Bryant put up a very poor performance for the Bengals.  Remember that certain players don’t fit in certain systems, and clearly Bryant wasn’t functioning properly in the Bengals offense.  Now, he’s without a gig.  You have to imagine that some team will have a need for him.

And, over in New York, the Jets have decided to part ways with their long-time receiver Laveranues Coles.  At one point, Coles was the poster boy for the future of the Jets offense.  He briefly left for Washington, but things didn’t work out there, so he went back to play for the Jets.  Well, the Jets had a decision.  They could keep him, and have to pay the full base salary of $855,000, OR release him and keep him on board for a game-to-game basis.  This would pay him nearly $50,000 a week, but it looks like Coles isn’t interested in that and is leaning toward retirement.  Coles said he doesn’t want to become an NFL journeyman.  He doesn’t need the money, and he wants to go out on a high-note.  Congratulations to Coles on a great career.


Finally, in baseball, it looks like Manny Ramirez’ stint with the Los Angeles Dodgers is over.  Manny still has a few strong years left, especially as a DH (meaning he doesn’t have to play in the field), and now teams are trying to capitalize on that power.  The winner:  The Chicago White Sox.  The White Sox are still in the playoff hunt and are hoping that adding Ramirez will give them that extra push they need to nab that 4th playoff spot.  As we’ve seen in years past, you can definitely make it all the way to the World Series if you can just get in the playoffs.  For the Dodgers, this officially marks the beginning of a new era — the post Ramirez era.  Given their up-and-coming roster, this could be a very good thing.

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