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In college football, it’s growing ever more certain that BYU will become an independent. For those that don’t know what that means, an independent is ‘independent’ of any conference.  The idea is so they’re not restricted to playing certain teams and risk the possibility of not making a BCS appearance because of a weak schedule.  Currently, there are 3 independents:  Notre Dame, Army, and Navy.  If BYU stays in the Mountain West conference, they might get their own TV network:  BYUTV, which would cater to the large Mormon population living outside of Utah (and there are 4 million of them).  But since Utah left for the Pac-10, and the Big 12 didn’t offer BYU an invitation to replace Colorado (Pac-10) or Nebraska (Big 10), it appears that BYU thinks they won’t have a shot at a National Championship by remaining in a now VERY weak Mountain West Conference.  We’ll see how this develops.

In the NFL, it looks like Tim Tebow is starting to see what being an NFL quarterback is all-about.  Tebow rushed for a 7-yard touchdown in his pre-season debut against Cincinnati, but appears to have suffered a rib injury.  Tebow’s injury only adds to all the Broncos training camp woes.  They are losing people left and right and it doesn’t look to be getting any better.  Getting through training camp is extremely difficult for these players.  It’s grueling, you don’t get much sleep, and you have to learn plays on top of everything else.  Don’t expect to see Tebow in the starting role come opening day.  It will most likely be Kyle Orton, and potentially Brady Quinn.


Finally, in the NBA, the Detroit Pistons decided to take a gamble and sign former superstar Tracy McGrady to a 1-year contract.  The Pistons aren’t exactly in a playoff position and adding McGrady is a questionable call.  Most people thought McGrady could be a good bench guy on a major contender.  Maybe Boston or Miami, but Detroit?  He’s not exactly a “veteran leader” character that will help young guys play better and his own play has dramatically deteriorated over the years.  Most likely, McGrady gets injured in the first 15 games and is out for the year.  Potentially a very bad call here.

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