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The NFL is probably the most evolving league out of the major sports.  Baseball almost never changes the rules, basketball makes tweaks, but the NFL is always trying to perfect the game… and their business.  Now they’re at it again.  The NFL wants to extend the season from 16 games to 18 games.  The change would eliminate two of the pre-season games and tack them on to the end of the season. Now, this is quite controversial because the NFL has become quite a violent sport in the past decade.  There are more concussions now than ever.  Adding two more weeks only puts players in more danger.  So with this type of change, they would most likely also increase roster sizes.  But, the bottom line is, football is the most popular sport in the country, and the fans simply want more of it.

In an update on the Darrelle Revis holdout from the New York Jets, it appears that Revis is holding his ground.  Revis was amazing last season, and if the Jets want to have a chance at making it to the Super Bowl, they will need Revis in the green uniform come opening day.  This gives Revis all the bargaining leverage in the world.  He wants a lot of money, and they need him — a position almost every employee in the world wishes they were in — the idea of being irreplaceable.  And on top of all of this, the FANS want Revis badly — he’s their meal ticket, a major reason why they come to games and buy merchandise.  Expect Revis to get a big pay day in the next two weeks.


In basketball, Team USA looked pretty sharp in their final exhibition game against Greece.  The very clear leader on this team is Kevin Durant.  In the NBA, many consider him to be the fourth best player behind Kobe, LeBron, and Wade.  However, many expect him to win the MVP trophy this season.  Either way, he’s definitely playing great for the country.  Durant had 15 points and 7 rebounds against Greece, along with some incredible dunks and alley-oops.  Ben Gordon led all USA scorers with 18 points in the victory.  Now it’s off to Turkey to try to take home another championship for the United States.  First real competitor:  Croatia.  USA 87, Greece 59.

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