In women’s college basketball, the UCONN Huskies are currently on a 75-game winning streak.  That extends back to winning the championship LAST season and finishing undefeated.  Well, they just needed one more win to advance to the Final Four.  Their next competitor:  #3 seed Florida State.  Unfortunately for the Seminoles, UCONN had no intention to take it easy.  The Huskies routed Florida State, extending their win streak to 76-games, and putting them just two games away from completing two straight undefeated seasons.  This… is pure dominance.  UCONN 90, Florida State 50.

Ron ArtestElsewhere in college basketball, St. Johns is looking to revive its program.  For those that don’t remember, St. Johns used to be a major player in the Big East during the 80s.  They had a decent 90’s run, and pretty much disappeared this decade, short of a Final Four appearance when they had current Laker Ron Artest.  Now, they have pinned their hopes and dreams on former UCLA coach Steve Lavin.  Lavin has been out of the coaching circuit for awhile now, doing a lot of broadcast work, but hopefully he can return St. Johns to premium ranks next season.


Finally, in an update from Monday, it appears that there is NO frontrunner in the Donovan McNabb trade talks.  The Raiders had emerged as a very potential landing zone for McNabb, but as of yesterday it appears that McNabb may be an Eagle at least until draft day.  Experts predict that he will be packaged for some draft picks, and if this is the case, the number of potential teams definitely increases.  The Bills, Raiders, Buccaneers, and Redskins could all use a quarterback.

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