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Kyle OrtonWell, the Brady Quinn mystery didn’t last long.  It was uncertain which team would even want the Browns former golden-boy quarterback, but… it looks like a team felt he was useful.  The Denver Broncos decided to bring him in as a back-up to Kyle Orton.  Orton’s future is also in limbo with the Bronco organization.  He had a serviceable season last year, and even got Denver off to a surprising 6-0 start, but it’s still no guarantee he will be taking the snaps in 2010.  Quinn will surely be a back-up, but current Denver coach Josh McRoberts is a former QB coach, and perhaps he thinks he can mold Quinn into an effective weapon.  We shall see.


Carmelo AnthonyIn the NBA, with the end of the Dallas Mavericks win streak this weekend, the longest win streak belongs to the Denver Nuggets.  Denver only trails the Lakers for the #1 seed by 3 games.  Well the new-look Houston Rockets were hoping to stop the red-hot Nuggets.  They got off to a big lead, but in the second half, the Nuggets came surging back behind an amazing 45-POINT night from Carmelo Anthony. But, with just 2.5 seconds to go, tied at 123, Rockets point-guard Aaron Brooks hit a beautiful jump shot from above the foul line to give the Rockets the win.  He finished with 31 points.  Brooks is developing into an all-star for the Rockets, and to think they initially sent him to the D-League.  Houston 125, Denver 123.

Gilbert ArenasFinally, Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas gave a very interesting interview to Esquire magazine about his suspension for the rest of the season for pulling a gun on a teammate.  In it, he mentions that he should have been punished, and that everything that he got he deserved.  He even said he felt he let down recently deceased Wizards owner Abe Polin.  In fact, when the incident happened, Arenas called Polin’s wife saying he would have had to call Abe to apologize, and so he intended to show Abe’s wife the same respect.  He concluded by weighing in on the Tiger Woods scandal, opining that he only thinks of Tiger as an amazing golfer — that his personal life was of no interest to him.  He sums this up by saying he has 3 Tiger Woods video games for XBox, and there is no picture on the cover of Tiger walking with his wife — “he’s just hitting shots”, Arenas said.

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