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58979133In college football, even though he won’t be a first round pick, Tim Tebow has been the talk of the draft.  Sure, Tebow is one of the best college players of all time, but many don’t think his game will translate to the pro-level.  To add to this, Tebow didn’t even perform well on the Wunderlich test (which assesses quarterbacks intellectual abilities).  Vince Young was famous for failing this back in 2006.  Nobody knows who will nab Tebow or how long he will stay in the NFL.  However, that didn’t stop the league from inviting him to the draft.  This… will be awkward.  Tebow can probably expect at least a few rounds to go by before anybody calls his name.  This means that the cameras will constantly do updates on him, and it should be nothing but embarrassing for him and his family.  Let’s hope SOMEONE takes him so he doesn’t become the first player at the draft NOT drafted.


LeBron JamesAnd in the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers were hoping to win an easy home game against Indiana.  If they did, they would clinch the Central division.  But the Pacers wouldn’t make it easy.  In fact, they led most of the game behind stellar nights from big men Troy Murphy and Roy Hibbert (19 and 20 points respectively).  But then, LeBron turned into LeBron and went into “There’s no way we’re losing this game mode”.  He finished the night with 32 points as the Cavs powered back to beat the Pacers.  The win gives them the Central crown, and they will most likely nab the #1 seed soon.  Cleveland 99, Indiana 94.

Finally, today marks the start of March Madness.  So make sure you fill out your brackets.  Of course, nobody can complete a perfect bracket, but the odds on favorite is Kansas.  They’ve got, most likely, 6 future NBA players, and were ranked #1 for most of the season.  However, Kansas is easily in the toughest division, which includes #2 Ohio State (home to the NCAA player of the year, Evan Turner) and #3 Georgetown (who was an early season favorite to make the final four).  This year is going to be fun!

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